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Sign Language

December 21, 2015

I was traveling in the Grenadines when I came across this sign. It warned that bathing was without a lifeguard present or in other words, “swim at your own risk”.  It was a purple caution sign.   

It led me to reminisce about a trip where I was looking for a bus stop without the knowledge of what the local word for bus was - there was no signage with a bus graphic or anyone nearby to ask for help.

Viewing this sign was a "wake up call" that I need to research words that may appear in...

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With Gratitude

December 27, 2015

In 2015 I celebrated my first anniversary of my transition from a 30 year career in the corporate world to an entrepreneur. My adventure led me to really stretch my ability, challenge my assumptions and  to take deep risks with confidence. I was out of my comfort zone most of the time and it was in that “space” where happiness and magic thrived.

New opportunities arrived “at my door”. I did media interviews, wrote a newspaper article and received invitations to speak. I got involved with...

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